Shapes Worksheets

Free printable Shapes worksheets are perfect educational resources for teachers and homeschooling parents. Help introduce and enhance your child's essential reading, writing and learning skills.

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  • Shape Tracing

    Shape Tracing

    Shape Tracing Worksheet for your preschool and kindergarten students. Help them learn about the different shapes.

  • Match the Basic Shapes

    Match the Basic Shapes

    Shapes Matching Worksheet for Grade 1 students to help them learn counting and shapes recognition.

  • Shapes Matching

    Shapes Matching

    Match the Shapes Worksheet for Kindergarten and Preschool. Memory games for kids help with their memory, concentration and focus skills.

  • Types of Angles

    Types of Angles

    Types of Angles is a great activity for Grade 1 students to explore different types of angles. Kids determine the name of the shapes based on the number of sides.

  • Sort the Shapes

    Sort the Shapes

    Sort the shapes between their 2D and 3D forms. Circles the 2D Shapes and box the 3D shapes.

  • Shape Tracing Worksheets

    Shape Tracing Worksheets

    Help your little preschooler to learn to trace different shapes with these shape tracing worksheets. These printable worksheets come with shapes like square, circle, triangle, octagon and more.