Free Worksheets for Kids

Printable worksheets for kids including preschool, kindergarten and grade one students to help them practice reading, writing, spelling, tracing and math. Perfect for teachers, homeschooling parents, literacy centers or classroom setting.

Worksheet Topics

  • Tracing

    Tracing worksheets to help your child develop fine motor skills and learn shapes, numbers, alphabets, and letters.

  • Coloring

    Our coloring sheets are perfect to keep kids occupied and we have variety of different designs for your little one.

  • Math

    Free math worksheets that are perfect for kids of all ages including topics like addition, subtraction, counting and more. Download and print.

  • Reading & Writing

    Worksheets including reading, writing, alphabets, and numbers to help children practice and develop their new skills.

  • Flashcards

    If you're looking for a fun, hands-on way to help your child practice math and the alphabet, flashcards are a great option. Just download and print.

  • Themes

    Explore our theme based printable worksheets collection like Easter, Halloween, Christmas and more to make learning fun and meaningful.

Latest Downloads

  • Add and Multiply

    Add and Multiply

  • Fall Pumpkin Color by Numbers

    Fall Pumpkin Color by Numbers

  • Add the Missing Dots

    Add the Missing Dots

  • Numbers Chart 1-50

    Numbers Chart 1-50

  • Valentine Day Count and Write

    Valentine Day Count and Write

  • Multiplication


  • House Coloring Pages

    House Coloring Pages

  • Pig Coloring Pages

    Pig Coloring Pages

  • Identify Common Objects

    Identify Common Objects

  • One Digit Addition (No Regrouping)

    One Digit Addition (No Regrouping)

Recently Added Worksheets

  • Count the Objects

    Count the Objects

  • Count and Write

    Count and Write

  • Count the Hearts

    Count the Hearts

  • Sort by Size

    Sort by Size

  • Find the Difference

    Find the Difference

  • Valentine Day How Many Items

    Valentine Day How Many Items

  • Valentines Day Coloring

    Valentines Day Coloring

  • Find the Difference

    Find the Difference

Worksheet Makers

Create your own math worksheets, tracing worksheets and mandala design patterns for coloring.

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