Grade 1 Phonics Worksheets

Phonics worksheets for Grade 1 students! These free printables are a great way to help your little ones learn about sounds, vowels, consonants, and rhyming.

Each worksheet includes instructions and examples so that your child can get the most out of them. Simply download the phonics worksheets that you need, print them out, and start practicing!

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  • Shape Fractions - Identifying Equal Parts

    Shape Fractions - Identifying Equal Parts


    Free printable shapes fractions worksheets to identify the shapes that are divided into equal parts.

  • Alphabet Do a Dot Letter M

    Alphabet Do a Dot Letter M

    Do a Dot

    Learning alphabet can be easy and fun using this Do-a-Dot or Dab-a-Dot printable worksheets. This can help kids to learn, trace and recognize the uppercase letter M of the alphabet.

    letters, alphabet, activity, finding, tracing, uppercase, upper, dab a dot, join

  • Eagle Coloring Pages

    Eagle Coloring Pages

    Back To School

    Download and print these Eagle Coloring pages. Coloring pages are a fun way for kids to develop their fine motor skills, color recognition and focus.

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  • Outer Space Rocket Ship Coloring Page

    Outer Space Rocket Ship Coloring Page

    Coloring Pages

    Download free outer space coloring pages for kids.

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  • Tracing the Number 6

    Tracing the Number 6

    Number Tracing

    Tracing the Number 6 Worksheets for preschool and kindergarten. Help them practice numbers writing skills, number recognition and fine motor skills.

    preschool, six, numbers, trace, write, writing

  • Lets Trace Lines - #8

    Lets Trace Lines - #8

    Line Tracing

    Free printable pattern and zigzag line tracing worksheets can help your child develop their pre-writing and fine motor skills.

    trace, pattern

  • List of US States with Codes

    List of US States with Codes


    Download and print list of 50 US states with alpha codes.

  • Phonics Worksheet #1

    Phonics Worksheet #1

    Match the Beginning Sounds

    Kindergarten Phonics Worksheets are perfect to teach reading and writing to little ones. Children are able to make connection between written and spoken words. Kindergartners have to identify the first letter of each object.

    reading, writing, beginning, sound, letter

  • Tracing the Letters N n

    Tracing the Letters N n

    Letter Tracing

    Free printable alphabet tracing worksheet for uppercase and lowercase letter N n for Kindergarten and Preschool kids. Tracing the letters helps little ones to practice and enhance their writing and letter recognition skills.

    letter n, trace, alphabet, print, letter, lowercase, uppercase, alphabets, lower, case, upper