Kindergarten and Preschool Addition Worksheets

Free printable Kindergarten addition worksheets are perfect educational resources for teachers and homeschooling parents.

One of the best ways to help students learn addition is by using worksheets. Worksheets provide practice and help students understand the concepts better. There are many different types of addition worksheets that can be used depending on the level of difficulty and the skills that need to be practiced.

Addition worksheets can also be used for homework or in class exercises. Download addition worksheets to help practice your students these important math skills.

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  • Letters Tracing M (Trace the Letter M)

    Letters Tracing M (Trace the Letter M)

    Letter Tracing

    Free printable letter tracing worksheet for letter M for grade one students. Download and print the letter tracing M worksheet.

    alphabet, print, lowercase, uppercase, capital, small, coloring, lower, case, upper

  • Telling Time - Quarter Hours #3

    Telling Time - Quarter Hours #3

    Telling Time: Quarter Hours

    Free printable time telling worksheets for Grade 1 for telling time from an analog clock. All the times are quarter hours like 12:45, 9:15 etc. Download and print.


  • Short Vowel Sort Worksheet #1

    Short Vowel Sort Worksheet #1

    Short Vowels

    Short vowel sort Worksheets to sort and write short vowel words to learn about vowels. Perfect for Grade 2 students.

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  • Do a Dot Letter D

    Do a Dot Letter D

    Do a Dot

    Learning alphabet can be easy and fun using this Do-a-Dot or Dab-a-Dot printable worksheets. This can help kids to learn, trace and recognize the lowercase letter D of the alphabet.

    letters, alphabet, activity, finding, tracing, lowercasecase, upper, dab a dot, join, alphabets

  • Last Day of 9th Grade Sign (Editable)

    Last Day of 9th Grade Sign (Editable)

    Last Day of School

    FREE Printable Editable Last Day of 9th Grade Sign is perfect to make those wrap up days of Ninth Grade fun and memorable. These editable printable signs are easy to download, edit, save, print and put together.

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  • All About Me Worksheet

    All About Me Worksheet


    All About Me Printable Worksheet for Kids is perfect for first day of School, camping activity or any other fun activity that you may plan for the little ones.

    first, day, school, you

  • Basic Math Division Problem #6

    Basic Math Division Problem #6


    Free Printable Basic Division Worksheets to practice Basic Math Division skills for Grade 2 and higher grade children. Kids can do basic division that help them practice dividing one digit with another. Simply download, print and start solving.

    divide, division

  • Missing Addends: Sums upto 10 Worksheet 4

    Missing Addends: Sums upto 10 Worksheet 4

    Missing Addends

    Find the Missing Addends Worksheet: sums upto 10 for Grade 1 students. Perfect for teachers and educators.

    addition, addends, identify, math, maths

  • Alphabet Letter L l

    Alphabet Letter L l

    Alphabet Letters

    Free printable letter activity pages for kids to learn tracing and practicing uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters. The students can use colored pencils or crayons to fill the letters, images and to mark the correct alphabets.

    letters, alphabet, recognition, activity, finding, leaf