Shape Tracing Worksheets

Shape tracing worksheets for your preschool or kindergarten students. These worksheets are a great way to help students develop their skills and practice drawing shapes. We've got a variety of different shapes for them to trace, including hearts, squares, stars, rectangles, polygons, and more. Plus, they're all free to download and print!

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  • Trace the Number 3

    Trace the Number 3

    Tracing number 3 worksheets for preschool and kindergarten students to practice and enhance their numbers writing skills.

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  • Trace the Number 9

    Trace the Number 9

    Tracing number 9 worksheets for preschool and kindergarten students to practice and enhance their numbers writing skills.

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  • Aphabet Tracing A-Z (Uppercase & Lowercase)

    Aphabet Tracing A-Z (Uppercase & Lowercase)

    Alphabet Tracing Worksheet for uppercase and lowercase letters A-Z. Download Free.

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  • Number Patterns Worksheets #1

    Number Patterns Worksheets #1

    Counting patterns worksheets for grade 1 students where they determine a pattern by looking at the series. They will fill in the numbers by calculating the numbers by counting the numbers.

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  • Find the Uppercase Letter N

    Find the Uppercase Letter N

    Free printable letter find activity pages for kids to learn tracing and identify uppercase alphabet letters. The students can use colored pencils or crayons to fill the circles.

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  • Christmas Letter Writing Template

    Christmas Letter Writing Template

    Download and print this free Christmas letter template that the children can use to write all manner of Christmas letters, thank you letters, wish lists, invitations etc.


  • Alphabet Letters Tracing B

    Alphabet Letters Tracing B

    Download free printable alphabet tracing worksheet for letters B.

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  • Trace and Color Shapes - Trapezoid

    Trace and Color Shapes - Trapezoid

    Trapezoid shape tracing and coloring worksheet for your preschool and kindergarten students. Help them learn about the different shapes.

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  • Snowflake Coloring Page #2

    Snowflake Coloring Page #2

    Free printable snowflake template design coloring pages for kids. They can color these designs with crayons, pencils or watercolors of their choice.

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