Color Sudoku for Kids

Download free printable Sudoku worksheet. The printable PDF file will include students worksheet and the answer sheet (if required).

Color Sudoku for Kids

Grade: Kindergarten

Subject: Sudoku   Format: .pdf

Printable Color Sudoku for kids is a perfect learning activity to help strengthen their problem solving and concentration skills.

Color Sudoku for Kids helps with skill building as well as developing logical skills. Teachers and homeschooling parents can use these puzzles as educational and entertaining resources.

This 4x4 grid with four colors to fill is an easy level and simple to solve for Kindergarten students in a classroom or at home.

They need to fill each row, column and block with colors red, blue, green and yellow so that each of these colors appear only once. Some colors are already filled and the blank squares are to be filled.

You can explain to children that they need to come up with logical solution instead of guessing. There are four puzzles per page, and can be printed on letter size paper. Answer sheet is attached for each puzzle.

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