Chore Chart for Kids (with Rewards Section)

Download free printable Templates worksheet. The printable PDF file will include students worksheet and the answer sheet (if required).

Chore Chart for Kids (with Rewards Section)

This cute free printable chore chart for kids is perfect to keep them motivated. Make tasks to do around the house and in their room fun while they work towards their goals to earn a weekly reward. This also encourages positive behavior while enjoying the tasks they have to do every week.

Parents can use this chore chart to keep track of their child's progress. All you have to do is, download and print this weekly chore chart. Laminate and stick it on the fridge door, their room, or in a space that is visible for everyone. This printable includes the rewards column, which means you can reward them after they finish their assigned tasks.

It is highly recommended to laminate this printable chart once printed. You can use stickers or a marker pen to mark good behavior. Wipe away to use the following week.

Chore Chart for Kids (with Rewards Section)

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