4x4 Sudoku Puzzles #1

Download free printable Sudoku worksheet. The printable PDF file will include students worksheet and the answer sheet (if required).

4x4 Sudoku Puzzles #1

Subject: Sudoku

Grade: Kindergarten   Format: .pdf

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Kids love to solve puzzles. Sudoku Puzzles is one of those fun games they would love to play and solve over and over. It helps with skill building as well as developing logical skills. Teachers and parents can use these Sudoku games as educational as well as entertaining resources.

Printable Sudoku Puzzles come with different levels of difficulty and variations with number of grids. This 4x4 grid ranging from 1 - 4 is an easy level and simple to solve for kids. They need to fill each row, column and square box with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Some numbers are already filled and the blank squares are to be filled by kids while solving these puzzles. You can explain to kids that they need to write logical answers for these puzzles instead of guessing. That is how they learn. There are four puzzles per page, and can be printed on letter size paper. Answer sheet is attached for each puzzle.

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