Scavenger Hunt Worksheets

Free printable Scavenger Hunt worksheets are perfect educational resources for teachers and homeschooling parents. Help introduce and enhance your child's essential reading, writing and learning skills.

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  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt

    Indoor Scavenger Hunt

    Kids will have tons of fun finding items listed on this Printable Indoor Scavenger Hunt Game. As they discover things indoors, they will enjoy hunting for things while staying entertained.

  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

    Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

    These Scavenger Hunt Games are a fun way to explore outdoors in your front and backyard. Kids looks for things like red flower, a seed, something small, something yellow etc.

  • Math Scavenger Hunt

    Math Scavenger Hunt

    Make sure to download this Free Printable Math Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids. As they discover things listed on this Scavenger Hunt Game, they will enjoy hunting for things associated with Math.

  • Spring Backyard Scavenger Hunt

    Spring Backyard Scavenger Hunt

    Free printable Spring Backyard Scavenger Hunt Game for kids if you are looking for ways for kids to explore outdoors or your own backyard over the Spring break.

  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt

    Christmas Scavenger Hunt

    Looking for fun ways to keep kids busy between celebrations, food and gifts? Make sure to download this free printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game for kids.

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt

    Nature Scavenger Hunt

    Download this printable Nature Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids. Not only will they have fun exploring nature, kids will love hunting for things associated with nature like a feather, a “Y” shaped stick, a bird’s nest etc.